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A Dentist Is Your Partner In Excellent Oral Health

August 24, 2023

A mouth’s many components team up to perform imperative tasks. This valuable orifice is a very busy place, which, unfortunately, makes it susceptible to glitches and the occasional misfortune.

The office of Bay Cosmetic Dentistry treats a wide spectrum of issues. Keeping your mouth healthy is as important to us as it is to you. We give all of our patients as much time and attention as they need. 

Here are some dental problems and conditions with which a dentist can be of great assistance. 

A tooth can ache for a variety of reasons, some serious, others not so much. But until you get to a dentist, use dental floss to make sure the hurt isn’t due to simply a stuck piece of food. If necessary, take an OTC pain reliever. If the tooth’s surrounding gum is swollen or oozes pus, it could have an abscess. Call a dentist for an emergency visit. You may require antibiotics and in-depth treatment. 

Cavities wreak havoc. Left untreated, these dents due to decay can put you on the road to eating and speaking problems, as well as gum disease and tooth loss. A dentist can fill them, and twice-yearly checkups can prevent more-serious consequences of cavities.

A chipped tooth is the most prevalent dental injury. How it’s treated depends on its severity. A small chip can be filled in with a bonding material, and a larger piece might have to be crowned. Fragmentations that involve the pulp will likely need a root canal. 

Gingivitis brings sore gums that bleed easily and pull away from teeth because plaque (sticky bacteria) has accumulated under the gumline. Ignoring it can bring bone loss, shifted teeth and teeth that fall out. Thus, your need for an excellent daily oral regimen and cleanings by a dentist twice a year. 

Some people don’t like that they have a gap between their two front teeth, while some famous folk (Lauren Hutton, Madonna, Anna Paquin and Michael Strahan) rock them with pride. But if you’re not gaga about your gap, be like Zac Efron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Keith Urban, who opted to get their hole closed. A dentist can do the same for you using veneers or bonding material. 

The office of Bay Cosmetic Dentistry is passionate about treating your dental health. Please call us today to make an appointment. 

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